Message from the Chief Justice

Following the retirement of Chief Justice Fraser on July 30, 2022, and pending the appointment of a new Chief Justice, the acting Chief Justice will be the senior puisne judge of this Court, Justice Frans Slatter.

News Release

Judgments to be filed

Notice of the judgments to be released the following business day will be posted here by 4:00 p.m. each business day.

• R v Carter, 2022 ABCA 305 - Appeal No. 2001-0145A (Reasons for Decision)

• Rana v Rana, 2022 ABCA 306 - Appeal No. 2201-0183AC (Reasons for Decision)

• R v DEA, 2022 ABCA 308 – Appeal No. 2103-0053A (Memorandum of Judgment)

• R v Sheppard, 2022 ABCA 307 – Appeal No. 2001-0250A (Memorandum of Judgment)