Preparing for court

What do I need to consider as I prepare for court?

What is the importance of exchanging documents with all other parties?

All parties must exchange ALL documents and records they intend to use in Court in advance of the trial. You should review these documents to get ready for Court and to prepare questions to ask the other party or their witnesses. This helps to promote settlement and organize your case for Court.

If you do not exchange documents and records with the opposing parties, the Court may not allow you to use the documents as evidence, or may adjourn the matter resulting in another court appearance, additional expenses, further delays, and missed time from work.

Can I attend Court to observe before my trial?

Yes. You may want to consider observing Court prior to your trial date to see how a courtroom operates. You may call your local Alberta Court of Justice Office to inquire when there is a trial being heard.

For more detailed information on attending Court review My Date Is Set For Court, What Can I Expect?

Are there any videos or resources to assist me in preparing for Court?

Yes. There are several online resources. See the section Links, Videos and Legal Resources.

You may want to ask your witnesses to look at these links as well so that they are more comfortable when testifying in Court.