Judicial Education

Justices and Justices of the Peace are lifelong learners who regularly take advantage of opportunities to participate in education programs. The Alberta Court of Justice places a very high priority on continuing legal education. This commitment is reflected in the Court’s Judicial Education Plan, which describes the Court’s approach and commitment to judicial education in four areas: substantive law, judicial skills, social context and judicial development.

The Alberta Provincial Judges’ Association, in conjunction with the Society of Justices of the Peace in Alberta, organizes two multi-day education conferences per year attended by all Judges and Justices of the Peace. Judges can also attend courses organized by the National Judicial Institute (NJI) and the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges (CAPCJ), and have access to educational materials on the websites of both organizations. Judges and Justices of the Peace attend seminars organized by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ), the Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA), Osgoode Hall and other legal organizations. There are also regular lunch presentations at local courthouses, as well as an internal judicial education website continuously updated with new materials.

All newly-appointed Justices and Justices of the Peace are paired with a mentor and shadow experienced colleagues after their appointment. Justices also attend a New Judges’ Education Program provided annually through CAPCJ and a Newly Appointed Provincial and Territorial Judges’ Skills Seminar organized by NJI. The New Justices Education Plan and the New Justices of the Peace Education Plan guide Justices and Justices of the Peace in the first five years after appointment.

Additionally, Justices and Justices of the Peace of the Alberta Court of Justice are often presenters or panelists at judicial and legal conferences in Canada.

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