Electronic Filing

Future state: Public E-Filing Portal

In March 2017, the Court of Appeal announced that it would be adopting an e-filing system to better serve the administration of justice, litigants, the bar and the public at large. This initiative involves significant progress in the area of electronic access to Court information and electronic proceedings before the Court. Registered users will be able to initiate an appeal, file materials and pay applicable fees electronically. In addition to e-filing, the program will include comprehensive case and document management systems.

The design of the system is nearing completion. The Court is currently testing and refining the system before it is introduced to the public. It is anticipated that e-filing will officially be introduced in 2020. A “public portal” will be in place for lawyers and self-represented parties to upload their documents electronically. When documents are uploaded, the Registry will receive an alert. Once the document is officially filed, an email notification will be sent to the filing party who will be given a unique code that will allow them to view their electronic file and all relevant filed documents. No special software will be necessary to access the new system. A computer with a standard operating system, a scanner and an internet connection will be all that is required.

For more information, please review the Notice to the Profession – e-Filing Initiative.