Electronic Filing

Video Message from the Chief Justice - Introducing the Court of Appeal Management System

Alberta Chief Justice Catherine A. Fraser unveils the public portal of the Court's digital case management system, CAMS, which allows counsel and self-represented litigants to file documents electronically and access all of their case materials and information about their appeals online. The Chief Justice also discusses the history of the CAMS project, its importance to the Court’s goal of fully digitizing its operations and how the new system is helping to improve the delivery of justice.

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On August 31, 2020, the Court of Appeal implemented CAMS (Court of Appeal Management System). CAMS is a case management, document management and electronic filing system designed to better serve the administration of justice, litigants, the Bar and the public at large. It automates many of the Court’s procedures and permits lawyers and litigants to initiate an appeal, file materials and pay applicable fees electronically. In addition, once registered, users can access the electronic court file for their own cases and view other information about their appeals including the full text of all filed documents, deadlines, hearing dates, results and more.

To register for a CAMS account, you must be a lawyer, work in a law firm or be a self-represented litigant with a matter before the Court of Appeal. Accounts are not available to the media or members of the public.

The Practice Direction on Electronic Filing provides particulars on registration and the submission, filing and formatting requirements of documents. In addition, the Practice Direction provides that:

  • The official court record will be electronic.
  • E-filing will be optional until March 1, 2021, at which time it will become mandatory unless an exemption is granted by a case management officer.
  • A self-represented person who is in custody will have an automatic exemption from electronic filing.
  • If a document is filed electronically, a paper copy need not be filed.
  • If a document is filed in paper, the Registrar may convert the document into electronic form, in which case the Registrar will not be required to retain the paper version.

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