Mandatory Requirements & Check/Return Forms

The following is a list of the checklists that the Registry will use when a document is submitted for filing in paper. Formatting and filing requirements for documents filed electronically are different (see below). For more information about electronic documents, review the Practice Direction on Electronic Filing or the CAMS Manual.

The Registry will use these checklists when a document is submitted for filing electronically via CAMS.

For a complete list of all document requirements, please consult the Rules of Court and Consolidated Practice Directions.

We recommend that you use these checklists and ensure that your document complies with the listed requirements before you file your document.

See also the Information Sheets which provide a summary of and commentary on various types of documents and processes at the Court of Appeal.

If a document does not comply with a mandatory rule or requirement, the Registry may:

  • accept the document for filing, with or without advising the party presenting the document of the deficiency,
  • accept the document for filing and note the deficiency on the face of the document,
  • accept the document for filing on conditions, or
  • reject the document.

Some documents require coloured covers, must be filed in multiples or are subject to other conditions. Please review Document Requirements for further information.