Case Management Offices (CMO) Out of Custody Docket Protocol


Commencing June 29, 2020, for those matters scheduled at a CMO or in a docket court on any date after July 3, 2020, counsel and self- represented litigants will be able to address their matters by remote appearance.  

For court locations in the province that have a CMO service, counsel and self-represented litigants will be required to address their matters by remote appearance only. There will be no in-person attendance permitted at CMO locations.

For Court locations that do not have a CMO service there will be no in-person attendance permitted unless prior approval of the court has been obtained.

Self-Represented Litigants (people without a lawyer)

  1. Self-represented litigants who are out of custody need to address their matter by phone or email.
  2. If it is the day of your appearance and you have not contacted Duty Counsel, contact the Case Management or court office in your location by phone or email - Provincial Court Contact List for CMO Appearances
  3. Before the day of your scheduled appearance, we recommend that you contact a free Legal Aid Duty Counsel lawyer for assistance:
    1. You may contact Duty Counsel at 1-855-670-6149 Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. up to the day before your scheduled appearance (do not call this number on the day of your appearance; see 2. above).
    2. Duty counsel will be able to provide the following assistance:
      • Preliminary legal advice;
      • Information regarding how to apply for legal aid if needed;
      • Information about how to obtain disclosure from the Crown Prosecution Service;
      • Obtain a position on sentence from the relevant Crown Prosecution Service should the matter be resolved by way of a guilty plea;
      • Appear on behalf of the self-represented litigant for the scheduled court appearance.
  4. If there are circumstances that require the matter to be spoken to before a Judge, you will be advised of the date to return to court.
  5. If you fail to contact duty-counsel or the CMO/court office, the Judge may issue a warrant for your arrest.

Counsel Matters

  1. Counsel will be permitted to address matters scheduled at the CMO beginning 14 days prior to the scheduled appearance.
  2. Counsel will be required to utilize Remote Court Scheduling (RCS), email or telephone in order to address their matters in accordance with local CMO practices. If there are circumstances that require the matter to be spoken to before a Judge, counsel will be advised by email or telephone and a date will be fixed for the matter to return in court.
  3. Those locations without CMOs will follow regional practices in accordance with existing local protocols.