Resolution Tracks: Are There Different Ways a Claim Can Be Resolved?

How are Civil Claims resolved?

If an action has not been selected for Mediation or is not resolved at Mediation, the file is reviewed by the Court and assigned a Resolution Track. A Resolution Track is a method by which a Justice hears the action to resolve it. Each Resolution Track has specific requirements for disclosing documents, Court attendances and length of trial.

The possible Resolution Tracks are:

  1. Pre-Trial Conference (PTC)
  2. Simplified Trial
  3. Trial
  4. Binding Judicial Dispute Resolution (BJDR) 

Where will the action be heard?

The action will be heard at the Alberta Court of Justice location:

  • Closest to the place where the Defendant resided or carried on business at the time the Civil Claim was filed or where the cause of action arose;
  • As directed by the Court; or
  • Where the parties agree.

How will I be notified of my Resolution Track?

All parties will be notified in writing of the Resolution Track and a Notice will be sent to all parties at their addresses for service and will include the time, date and location for the parties to attend in Court.  The Notice may contain steps for the parties to complete prior to attending Court.

How can I prepare for Court?

Each Notice will contain specific information as to procedures that need to be followed prior to attending Court.

To better prepare yourself for Court review the sections called My Date Is Set For Court, What Do I Expect? and Preparing For Court.

If my matter is selected for a type of resolution track, can I request it be changed to a different track?

Yes. At any time either the Court may decide to select a different Resolution Track or you can make an application to change the Resolution Track.