Filing Deadlines

There are deadlines within which an appeal must be started. Those deadlines vary depending on the type of decision, order or judgment granted and the enactment that applies. Counsel and parties are responsible for determining their own appeal deadlines. Self-represented parties are encouraged to seek legal advice. Registry staff cannot calculate the deadlines for you.

The Rules of Court and Consolidated Practice Directions provide deadlines for each step in the appeal once it is started. It is each party’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with those deadlines. Registry staff cannot calculate the deadlines for you. Consequences for missing a deadline can be severe, including the appeal being struck or deemed abandoned.

Deadlines for various types of matters are summarized in the following tables:

If your deadline for filing a document falls on the weekend or on a statutory holiday, you may file it on the next business day, pursuant to Section 22 of the Interpretation Act.

There is an option to submit a timetable for the appeal instead of following the deadlines set by the Rules of Court. A timetable sets out mutually-agreed upon deadlines for the filing of all materials, including the hearing date. If all parties agree, you may submit a timetable to the Case Management Officer for approval. Please use the sample timetable template.

If your appeal is a Fast Track Appeal or a Sentence Appeal, you may find the following sample calendars useful:

Specific deadlines for an appeal are available through CAMS by viewing the summary of that appeal.