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Amendments to Part 14 of the Alberta Rules of Court and the Consolidated Practice Directions effective April 30, 2023

Apr 13, 2023

On August 31, 2020, the Court of Appeal launched the Court of Appeal Management System (CAMS) – a case management, document management and electronic filing system for use by lawyers and litigants. In conjunction with the launch of CAMS, the Court issued a Practice Direction on Electronic Filing which provides particulars on registration as a registered user, the submission, filing and formatting requirements of documents filed electronically and other matters related to electronic filing.

Amendments have been made to Part 14 of the Alberta Rules of Court, which take effect April 30, 2023, to incorporate the existing filing and formatting requirements for documents electronically filed in CAMS, to remove references to paper documents, and to make other minor housekeeping changes. For complete details, see the Alberta Rules of Court Amendment Regulation available here.

Consequential amendments have also been made to the Consolidated Practice Directions of the Court of Appeal of Alberta effective April 30, 2023, and are replaced with the attached version.

Given that the amendments to both the Rules of Court and the Consolidated Practice Directions include provisions respecting Condensed Books, the December 18, 2020 Notice to the Profession and Public – Condensed Books is repealed.

Ritu Khullar
Chief Justice of Alberta