Notice to Media of Application to Restrict Access

Complete this form to provide notice of your application to the media. Notice to media is required for all applications for a discretionary publication ban or access restriction. The subject of your application is protected by a publication ban, pending the Court’s hearing of the application.

  • For civil and family matters, notice must be submitted 5 days before the hearing.
  • For criminal matters, notice must be submitted 7 days before the hearing.

You will receive a copy of the notice within 24 hrs of submission as distribution is not automatic.

Only press the SUBMIT button once.

As proof that you have given the required notice, you are required to present a print copy of the e-mail to the Clerk.

Note: If you are not redirected to a success page or get a 500 error, please check the text in the form fields for unexpected characters / text that may come from copy and pasting and try again. If you continue to have problems please let us know by submitting Website feedback.

Details of hearing

Details of Application

Specify whether you seek a remedy under a statute, or are relying on the court’s common law powers.


  • I am applying for a publication ban on my name under Section 486.5 of the Criminal Code.
  • I am applying to close the courtroom for a private hearing under Section ___ of the Criminal Code.
  • I am applying for a publication ban on all of the evidence under a judge's common law powers.

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