Civil/Family/Commercial Triage Form

We have resumed scheduling of bookings as of Monday, February 1, 2021. If you sent in a request during the Booking Suspension, your request will need to be resubmited. Requests will be processed in time order starting with the date stamp of February 1st.

For half day specials please fill out the form located at:

Please refer to the Court's announcement dated October 1, 2020, Trial and Full Day Special Booking - Spring 2021 Term, for details on when and how to use this form.


Has this matter been ordered to trial or has a Form 37, Request to Schedule Trial Date, been filed?
Has ADR been completed (required if a trial was ordered/requested on or after September 1, 2019) per Notice to the Profession #2019-03 dated July 2, 2019?
Has a Family Pre-Trial Conference been completed if required (required if a trial for 3 days or longer or involves a Self-Represented Litigant was ordered/requested on or after September 1, 2018) per Notice to the Profession #2018-03 dated June 20, 2018?
NOTE: Indicate names of Counsel and who they represent, as well as contact information (including e-mail addresses) for ALL PARTIES. You must indicate which party is the Plaintiff and/or Applicant and which party is the Defendant and/or Respondent.
Is there consent from all participants to proceed with a remote hearing (all participants appearing via Webex)?
Was this trial previously cancelled due to COVID-19?
Will any Exhibits be entered?
Please indicate available dates in the format: July 09, 2020
I confirm that this form is being submitted following consultation with all participants.