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Amendments to Documents upon Demise of the Crown

Oct 13, 2022
  1. As a result of the demise of the Crown, the name of the Court of Queen’s Bench has been automatically changed to the Court of King’s Bench: Court of Queen’s Bench Act, RSA 2000, c. C-31, s. 2.1.


  2. Any new proceedings involving the Crown should describe the Crown as “Rex” or “His Majesty the King”.


  3. There are numerous existing proceedings which name Her Majesty the Queen as a party. To accomplish the amendment of all of those pleadings to refer to His Majesty the King, the Acting Chief Justice has issued the attached Blanket Order.


  4. During a reasonable grace period, the Court of Appeal Registry will continue to accept documents that use the original style of cause or that refer to the “Court of Queen’s Bench”. All parties should commence using the amended names as soon as possible.


  5. Appropriate changes are being made to the Court’s electronic filing system (“CAMS”), but that process will take some time.


  6. It is not necessary to refile any previously filed document to reflect these amendments.


Frans F. Slatter
Acting Chief Justice of Alberta